Alphabets 2: Eloise's version




Ellie said "E for Eden and E for Eloise!" So naturally her baby sister had to be in the photo as well.

At least I snapped ONE shot of Eloise on her own!

Happy Friday everybody!





We are in the process of making some fun things for Eloise's birthday party coming up in a few weeks. I am hoping Eloise will stay still to take a photo with her name too. Toddlers are so fast, but I can make a newborn take any photo.

Spring is finally here and I am looking forward to more colourful days outside in the park. Colourful crafts will tide us over until then!


2 months

Eden, 2 months old

Eden, 2 months old

Eden, 2 months old

This little dumpling is 2 months old this week!

I am obsessed with staring at her face to see how similar and different she is compared to Eloise (so far, pretty similar!), and I am getting as much little cuddles in as I can because I now know how fast it goes by. And as tired and hard having a young family is in the moment, I know these are the moments of my life I will cherish the most.


Frankie Magazine

Frankie Issue 64

Vag Halen for Frankie Magazine

My last shoot of 2014 was for Toronto's hard-rocking all female Van Halen cover band Vag Halen, for their feature in Frankie Magazine. I just got my copy in the mail and was thrilled to see it in print!